The Best Holiday Activities In The Coachella Valley

Although the weather may be warm and toasty in the Coachella Valley that doesn’t mean the holiday spirit isn’t alive and well. A place where the palm trees are decorated with hundreds of twinkling lights, the desert does the Holidays like nobody’s business… … Read more

Have A Fun Halloween Night In Greater Palm SPrings

Halloween is here again, and whether you are looking to have a fun family night or some scary fun, we’ve got you covered. There are so many fun and spooky things to do on Halloween in the Greater Palm Springs area, trust us, you don’t want to miss these scary good times… … Read more

Weekly Recap + 5 Things I’m Loving

If you follow along @therockawayhouse on Instagram, then you may have seen our Operation Hot Tub by NYE saga on stories. Overall the installation went smoothly, and I learned a lot from Steven! The most difficult part was lowering the tub from the pallet onto the paver pad. That thing is HEAVY. Like, squash you like a bug heavy. My dad, Steven and I had it mid-way down when we realized we really needed a fourth person and, luckily, our neighbor dropped what he was doing to come to our rescue and help. Thank you, Merritt!! … Read more

Weekly Recap + 5 Things I’m Loving

At home, we were busy bees getting the house prepped to host my entire family for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. I “warned” everyone in advance that our house is still very much a work in progress, but one thing I really wanted to get done was moving the giant hot tub we ordered from Costco on Black Friday out of our driveway and into the backyard. … Read more