Cover Your ASSETS – YouTube E004

By Kylee Niederhauser

Vacation Rental Insurance 101

Hello again, friends! In this week’s YouTube video, we’re sharing the fundamentals of vacation rental insurance. You know, that thing you’ve heard you should have but you aren’t really sure what type of coverage you’ll need or where to start?

If you own or manage a short term rental and have been relying solely on Airbnb’s Aircover or host protection programs from other 3rd party platforms then you’ll definitely want to watch this video to learn the truth.

Even if you are already carrying insurance for your rental property, you still may want to tune in after hearing this stat: In all of the clients that we have onboarded in the past few years, over 70% of them were not holding the correct insurance before switching to our management. 70% of them were not properly covered! Can you believe that?

Part of the reason is because up until pretty recently, many insurance companies didn’t really have systems in place for short term rentals so there was a lot of conflicting – and often incorrect – information floating around, sometimes stemming from the insurance companies themselves.

Staying on the topic of liability and COA (covering our a$$, and assets) – all of the information that we will be sharing in the video is for general information purposes only and any action that you take is at your own risk. Please consult your attorney or a qualified insurance representative to decide on the best policy for you and your property.

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