Design Proposal // Adamo Ranch

By Kylee Niederhauser

We have the official go-ahead to get started at the ranch! I finished the design and setup proposal for the home owners, which includes a detailed cost breakdown for purchases in each room of the house along with mood boards so they have an idea of the direction we’re heading with the design. Ready to have a look?

The entryway is huge. Like, bigger than my house. With a staircase leading up to the second floor and a 20′ wall opposite the staircase where we’ll create a gallery wall with some pieces from the owners’ art collection. We’ll put a catch all ladder near the front door with hooks for keys and purses and an 8′ wooden bench along the staircase.

Next up is the living room – the owner recently purchased this chaise sofa so we decided to buy a second one (without the chaise) for more seating. They also have a few antique furniture pieces that I’m excited to use – a pretty wood desk and a mid-century stereo/record player console. So cool!

On to the kitchen and dining room. Since making this board I learned that what I thought was capped electrical above the dining table is actually a pop-down fire sprinkler. So, my pendant lamp idea is out, but the rest should work. I really like the dining set that the owners have – it’s a monstrous, square, solid pine table – so we’ll be using that. And I have a quick DIY in mind with some burlap coffee sacks that I picked up at Kurtz Street Vintage Marketplace.

And last but not least – the bedrooms! There are three bedrooms downstairs that we’ll be furnishing. We’ll be using a few pieces that the owner already has (two beds, an armoire, a side table and a desk) and purchasing the rest. We’ll also pull artwork from their existing collection, re-framing some of it.

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