DIY // Bamboo Garden Stake Headboard

By Kylee Niederhauser

This project was supposed to be a breeze. And it was, for the most part! Buy a few packs of bamboo, U-shaped, garden stakes. Fasten them together with some string. Attach them to the wall with a few screws and use finishing nails to keep them from sliding. Quick and easy DIY.

You know what I didn’t plan for? Concrete walls. Like, “your finishing nails are going to snap like a twig, time to break out the hammer drill” concrete walls. Steven is going to stop giving me creative control if I keep making him use the hammer drill (even though I think he secretly loves it and makes him feel like Rambo).

But, concrete walls aside, this was a minimal effort and low price tag project that had a huge impact on the space. I got the idea from Kelly (@bohobotanicalbabe) and her beautiful, diy bamboo headboard. I would have loved to replicate the fan-shape she used, but it would have blocked the window which was one of my reasons for splitting the bunk beds in the first place sooo… wall panel it is!

Kelly bought her garden stakes from Home Depot and used rubber bands to secure them. I bought the stakes online from True Hardware (because Home Depot’s were on backorder at the time) and used string to secure them (because that’s what I had). Same idea, though!

Wanting to see them in person before deciding on a size, I bought a combination of 3ft and 4ft U-hoops by Miracle-Gro. I decided to go with the 4ft hoops on the side wall, thinking I’d continue them along the back wall except for under the window where I’d use the shorter hoops.

Then it was time to get knot-tying. More knots = more secure = less drilling into concrete. I tied the base of each hoop together a few inches from the bottom, and then arranged the hoops in a row and tied them together towards the top. If you’re trying this at home, make sure your knots are tight, but not pulling the rods on top of each other. Hot glue could probably help with that, but I didn’t think we needed it once they were secured to the wall. And hot glue is messy. We have enough messy.

Once I had four hoops tied together, I tested it for stability. Ok, but not great. So we sawed the top off of one of the hoops to get two, straight-ish poles and tied one along the bases of the hoops. These would become our “support beams” and were a game changer in the structural integrity of the panel – don’t skip the support beams!

Time to decide if I was going to keep building on to the panel or just scrap the whole plan and go buy a headboard like a normal person would do.

Guess we’re doing this. Steven tested that we could pre-drill the bamboo (thankfully, we could!) and then got to work with his trusty hammer drill. He secured every other hoop at the top, and then every two feet or so along the “support beam”.

My plan to use 4ft hoops on the sides of the window didn’t work out. The hoops were too small for two to fill that section of wall and three hoops started covering the window. So I just used the 3ft hoops all the way across the wall, under the window line. Same assembly method!

Last step – blending in the screws. I dug through my nail polish stash and found a near-perfect color match. In case you’re wondering, it’s “A-Taupe the Space Needle” by OPI. 😉

That’s it, friends! Good luck, and may your walls not be made of concrete.

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