Fall 2020 One Room Challenge : Week 5

By Kylee Niederhauser

If you’re new around here, welcome! I’m Kylee and I am an interior designer and property manager specializing in vacation rental properties. I’m putting a bit of a spin on the One Room Challenge this fall by making over not just one room, but my entire house as we convert it from our full-time home into a vacation rental property. Follow along here and on Instagram as we transform one room each week from October 8th through November 12th!

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Week 5 – The Second Bedroom

Can you believe the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge is coming to an end? This week – the week we tackled the second bedroom – was the one I’ve been dreading from the beginning. Not because there was anything terribly difficult involved, but because it’s the same bedroom I transformed for the Spring challenge earlier this year.

Final reveal of my Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

I was nervous because that room was very specifically designed around a single, twin bed placed in the corner. The accent wall was created around that specific room layout. But we knew that once it was a vacation rental we wanted to be able to advertise as max 4 occupancy, which meant either putting a double bed or bunk beds in the room.

Ultimately, the very small room size forced our hand. A queen (or even a full size) bed would have left barely enough space to walk around, let alone open a suitcase. So bunk beds it was.

Putting the bunk beds along the east wall would block the window, so they need to be on the north wall. But the north wall is about 1/3 green and 2/3 white. The bunk beds would creep in to the green space. It made the design look unintentional – like the bunk beds were an afterthought.

So what do we do.. get rid of the green and start fresh with white? Could have worked, but I liked the uniqueness that the green brought to the room. We decided instead to continue the green along the entire length of the wall.

Final reveal of my Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

Are you familiar with the term “project snowballing”? You know, when you start a project and then it just leads to more and more projects? That’s what happened here. It’s like the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” of room design… If you paint the whole wall green, then I’ll want to paint the bunk beds green, too!

Steven was not pleased when I told him my new plan, but went along with it anyway. 😉 I love how this room turned out, and can’t wait to show you! But first, let’s go back to the wayyyy before.

The Way Before

If you’ve been following along with my challenge this fall, then you know the basics of our home renovations last year. We tore our little beach house down to the studs and kept the basic footprint of the house the same, but the final result was drastically different.

In this bedroom, like in the first bedroom, we closed off the wall to the bathroom. What was a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom is now a single entry door from the living room. The open shelving was also closed off to add a little more space to the bathroom. It might not seem like much, but when you’re working with about 460 square feet, every inch counts!

We also removed the cased-in hanging bar and replaced it with the Ikea PAX system. But the PAX system would ultimately be removed again when we moved out in early October. To provide guests to a place to unpack, we put in a luggage stand and a ceiling-mounted bar with hangers for clothes.

“Built In” Bunk Beds

We chose the Ikea MYDAL bunk beds for the beds and painted them the same color as the wall – Behr “Black Bamboo”. We decided to paint two coats on all of the unassembled pieces and then a final touch up coat once assembled.

Furniture Purchases

The only other furniture purchases for this room (besides a bed) were a desk and chair. Hopefully this desk will come in handy for distance learning when a family stays here!

Bedding Purchases

We purchased the same mattress and bedding as the other bedroom (but in twin size). You can check out those details and our recipe for the perfect bed in a vacation rental – or your own home! – in last week’s post.

The two throw pillows are from Etsy. I love that they are locally made and the quality is so impressive. They have a great texture! I had two pillow inserts left over from the living room to stuff them with.

Room Decor

I purchased most of the room decor locally at Kurtz Street Vintage Marketplace, with the exception of the runner, which I found at Target.

What’s Left To Do In This Space

We still have a few finishing touches to add to this room, a lamp and hanging the closet bar. Remember the diy hanging bar that we made last week? That will hang in this room instead, above the luggage rack.

Next up is the bathroom and then we will finally have this house ready for vacation rental guests!

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