Our Favorite Rugs for Short Term Rentals

By Kylee Niederhauser

When shopping for rugs at our short term rental properties, maintenance and durability are just as important to us as style.

High pile rugs, with their long, thick fibers, might feel luxurious underfoot, but they pose significant challenges, especially in a rental setting. These rugs are notoriously tough to maintain, difficult to vacuum and spills can be a nightmare to clean.

To solve these problems, we’ve switched to low pile rugs and, whenever possible, washable rugs. While we often buy large area rugs that don’t fit in a washing machine, these washable rugs are easy to spot clean. For big spills, we’ve taken them to a laundromat with a high-capacity washer or even hosed them off outside.

Here are a few of the rugs we’ve purchased or have saved for future projects! Click each photo below to be taken to the product page.

Washable Rugs

Low Pile Rugs

Outdoor Rugs


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