Our STR Sample Inventory

By Kylee Niederhauser

Does setting up a short-term rental feel like a mystery to you? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to start your purchasing list and budget? 

Stress no more, friend. You’re in good hands.

Below is our sample inventory which is the exact list that we use when starting a new STR setup.

From linens to silverware, we’ve linked the products that we’ve tried and tested ourselves.

Remember that we call this a sample inventory for a reason. Keep in mind your ideal guests, the storage space in your kitchen and other factors and adjust this list to fit your needs.

We’ve also included budget and splurge options in some categories.

*NEW* – If you’re looking for design help (with more shopable links), check out our STR Bedroom Design Made Easy blog post.

Happy Hosting!

Kitchen Items

Dishes – 2x max occupancy

Drinkware – glasses

Drinkware – tumblers (or this budget option)

Fire extinguisher

K-cup holder

Keurig (or Costco) or this two-in-one option

Kitchen towels (or Costco)

Knife block (or Costco) – plus steak knives if not included with block set

Measuring cup (liquid)

Measuring cups/spoons (or comes included in this cooking utensils set)

Mixer (optional)

Outdoor dinnerware (or this budget option – plates, bowls)

Paper towel holder

Pizza cutter (or comes included in this cooking utensils set)

Pot holders (or Costco)

Pots & Pans (from Costco) – or piece together these four items from Amazon – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Salad bowl – this set also serves as mixing bowls

Serving platters/bowls – Target, Costco, Home Goods – look for dishwasher-safe, melamine options when possible

Silverware (gold and matte black options)

Slow cooker (nice to have)

Soap dispenser – hand

Soap dispenser – dish


Sheets – 2 sets per bed

Additional pillowcases – 1 set per bed size

Layering blanket – 2 per bed

Quilt – 2 per bed

*tip – choose a different stitch pattern for king vs queen for easier sorting!

If a duvet is a must, we like these (use the code KYLEEANDSTEVEN30 for 30% off)

Sound machine – 1 per bedroom

USB hub – 1 per nightstand and desk

Hangers – don’t skimp on quantity

Luggage stands

TV (nice to have) – splurge option

Shop bedrooms from our listings:

Twin Bedroom at Saguaro


Towels – 4x max occupancy

Hand towel / wash cloth sets – 1x max occ.

Makeup wash cloths – 2x max occ.

Bath mats – 2 per bathroom

Refillable shampoo bottles – 3 per shower

Bottle labels – for each bottle

Extra pumps

Hand soap dispenser – 1 per sink

Living Room

Shop living rooms from our listings:

Violet Sands Living Room

Smart Home Features

Click here for our full smart home list with multiple options per category

Click here to watch our video on smart home devices

Kids Items


Pool / Beach

Pool towels


Pool floats

Remote pool control capability *Check with your pool person to make sure this is compatible. Additional equipment may be required.

Storage & Misc.

Power strips

Extensions cords

Key lockbox for emergency (if smart lock fails)

8 thoughts on “Our STR Sample Inventory

  1. Hello Kylee and Steven,
    Me and my partner are starting Airbnb in Japan and we always watch your videos and we learn a lot from you. I’m looking forward to find a list of the tools that you guys use for DIY. I know you use to have one, but couldn’t find it now. We actually bought the Linens and Waterproof Pillow Covers from your referral links since we didn’t find a similar item in Osaka for that price. Although the shipping and import fee was a big chunk, it was worth it. Please keep sharing your amazing content. Thanks a lot.
    Helena and Toma

  2. Kylee and Steven, Thank you for all of your videos. I am currently in the process of re-building and designing a condo on Sanibel Island Florida. Your videos have helped so much. I thought I heard you mention on one of you videos that you have a PDF of your inventory list. Is there any way to get one?

    Thank you

  3. I really appreciate this! I am currently watching every video from your youtube channel, and I love that you have this available. This really shows your kindness and transparency to help others. I have been in this short-term business for four months now, and currently have three properties. I am taking my list and adding and changing things I see better in your list. This is such a big help. Thank you very much!

  4. Thank you very much for this checklist and for the videos you produce, I find them all very helpful. I’m a long-term landlord who’s just thinking about changing to STR & MTR. We’re close to many hospitals and universities and feel catering either to traveling nurses or traveling business people might up our income as my husband and I are both now retired.

  5. Hi Kylee & Steven,

    thanks for this inventory list. Currently, we are setting up our new properties for Airbnb in the EU and your list is beneficial to choose the right items for our properties.
    Thank you

    Jakub & Zuzi

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