Q&A // Chatting with the Airbnb+ On-boarding Team

By Kylee Niederhauser

As hosts, our goal is to create unique, welcoming and well-equipped spaces for our guests to enjoy. We pour a lot of love into developing these homes, so you can imagine our excitement when we found out that Saguaro is being considered for the Airbnb Plus program!

The Airbnb Plus program has evolved quite a bit since The Rockaway House first joined in the fall of 2018, and it’s not surprising that their on-boarding process has as well. From what we’ve been told, this will include an on-site visit by a “Host Advisor” who will go through their checklist of requirements and take photos of the space. These photos are then turned into 3-D renderings for an Airbnb designer to review. If the designer sees a need for any modifications to the space, these will be suggested to the host. Then the home is professionally photographed and a team creates the new-and-improved Airbnb Plus listing. Quite the process!

We were also sent a “Host Questionnaire” to complete before the on-site visit. The purpose of the questionnaire seems to be to get to know the host on a more personal level, in order for the designer to “help bring your story into the space”. Want to have a look at my responses? (note: responses were to be kept to 1-3 sentences)

1. What’s your favorite movie, book, or genre?

I read mostly fiction, with a broad taste in genres – everything from David Sedaris to Elena Ferrante to TC Boyle to Gillian Flynn. I also love to cook and am always browsing cookbooks for recipe ideas – I thumb through them like people look at magazines – which is why I included a selection in the kitchen at Saguaro! 

2. What do you like to do in your free time?

We live in San Diego in the Mission Beach neighborhood, so I try to take full advantage of our proximity to the beach by going for walks or family bike rides on the boardwalk.

3. What are some of your hobbies, interests or passions?

My biggest passions in this stage of my life are spending quality time with my family, traveling and interior design/diy – all of which led us to hosting! My husband and I lived in Germany for four years and spent a lot of that time traveling the world. When we moved back to San Diego, we purchased a duplex property, renovated and started to rent one unit on Airbnb – we quickly fell in love with hosting and decided to purchase Saguaro!

4. What colors are you attracted to, and which would you like to avoid?

I prefer a neutral palate and, while I don’t avoid color all together, tend to shy away from super bold tones. Woods and whites and greenery with subtle color accents are my go-to’s!

5. What are the top 3 adjectives you would ideally like guests to use when describing your home’s style?

Clean, comfortable and unique. I like to create spaces that are equal parts homey/welcoming/casual and clean/uncluttered/thoughtfully curated. 

6. Imagine a place or a feeling that you want your home to evoke. What is it?

I want guests to feel like they can completely relax and unwind in a beautiful but still casual space. Like.. want to kick back and prop your feet up on the coffee table? No worries. At the same time I try to style in a clean and uncluttered way so that guests don’t feel like they are intruding in a stranger’s home.

7. Are there aspects of your space that you’re not willing to part with or change? 

That’s a tough one! I really love the space we’ve created, but I’m always open to feedback.

 8. Would you be open to some bold design suggestions that may be outside of your current design aesthetic?

Depends on the suggestion! 🙂 As mentioned before – I’m always open to feedback, not averse to change, and would gladly hear your ideas.

9. When it comes to furniture, what’s most important to you: price, style, or material?

Price is always a factor in a business, but I also don’t mind spending a little more on a high-quality piece that I love. We currently have a mix of high quality, mid-range and budget friendly pieces plus some vintage items.

10. Is there anything else you’d like us to know? 

We put a lot of pride into creating each of our properties and really have a passion for hosting. Thank you for considering Saguaro for the program!

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