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By Kylee Niederhauser

We love designing outdoor living spaces, but finding pieces that can withstand the desert heat, are durable enough for vacation rental use and won’t completely break the bank can be a challenge!

We were fortunate that the patio at Desert Lily has a shaded overhang, so we were able to choose a solid wood dining table – something that we shy away from in the desert if it will be seeing full-sun. We paired the beautiful wood table with black woven dining chairs.

We also added a BBQ so that guests can grill up their favorite meals. We always recommend including a BBQ at a vacation rental property, but this was especially important at Desert Lily since it will be a mid-term (monthly furnished rental) property. Don’t forget to buy at least one spare propane tank plus grilling utensils, a grill brush and a cover!

The patio area of a vacation rental property is a crucial space for guests to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring. At Desert Lilly, we wanted to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for our guests, even during the cool desert nights. To achieve this, we added a fire pit area to the uncovered portion of the patio, complete with comfortable chairs and faux wood accent tables.

The fire pit has become a popular spot for guests to gather, roast marshmallows, and enjoy each other’s company. The warmth of the fire, combined with the comfortable seating, creates an ambiance that encourages guests to stay and chat for hours. Overall, the addition of a fire pit area to the outdoor space at Desert Lilly has been a huge success, and we highly recommend this feature to other vacation rental property owners.

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About Desert Lily

Desert Lily is a three bedroom, two bathroom, newly constructed home in Desert Hot Springs and is an ideal property for a month of rest, relaxation and exploration. The home is situated between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree making for easy and fun day trips – from shopping and dining in downtown Palm Springs to hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. Guests will also have access to the community pools, hot tubs and tennis court!

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