Spring 2020 One Room Challenge // Week 3

By Kylee Niederhauser

If you’re new around here, welcome! I’m Kylee and I am an interior styler and property manager specializing in vacation rental properties. I’m most often working on other people’s homes, but during the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge I’ll be making over a room in my own home in Mission Beach (San Diego), CA! Follow along as I transform my three-year-old son’s bedroom over the next few weeks and stay tuned for the final reveal on June 25th!

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It’s Week 3 of the One Room Challenge and things are really starting to take shape in Nash’s bedroom! This week I focused on building an accent wall in the corner behind his bed.

The Why

See those trim looking pieces on the wall? Those are actually structural studs. We live in a 1930’s beach cottage that doesn’t have your typical 2×4 stud construction. Instead, it’s basically siding attached to these old-school 2×3 studs. When we renovated early last year, we beefed up the structure of the interior walls but there wasn’t much we could do about the exterior walls except drywall, texture and paint. That is without losing interior square footage and we didn’t want to sacrifice an inch (460 square feet, remember?).

I don’t mind the look of the studs. I think they add to the character of this old beach house. But, in this corner, they bother me. I knew that I wanted to create some sort of feature wall (or feature corner, if you will) and that I wanted to work with and accentuate the studs instead of trying to hide them.

My original plan was some sort of abstract, geometric design like this:

modern wood accent wall | within the grove

Then I stumbled across this funky take on the currently-trending slat wall and I knew it was the winner. I just needed to make it my own a bit!

inspo from @miss_rusticarrow

The How

I purchased almost all of the supplies for this room before California’s stay-at-home orders were placed. At the time, the ORC was supposed to begin on April 1, and I was ready! But even though I’ve been holding on to my supplies for a few weeks, I actually appreciated the extra time to edit my thoughts and finalize my design for the space.

Finalized Design Plan | A bit different from the one I was planning to use when the ORC start date was April 1st!

To the right of the corner, the boards would be hung vertically. To the left, I decided to use the same pattern but hang the boards horizontally. I’d also need to plan for a space to mount the pendant light on the left wall. We decided on 1” x 2” by 8” primed MDF board, for no other reason than it was the least expensive option. They came in sets of 6 and we purchased 2 packs.

After literally months of planning out this wall, I was so excited to finally get to work this week! We took measurements and decided the best lengths to minimize wasted boards. We then cut down the boards into 19″ pieces for the horizontal slats, 58″ pieces for the lower vertical slats and 38″ for the upper vertical slats. We ended up using every inch of board with zero waste. This was also my first time using a circular saw and my cuts were a little wobbly to start, but not too bad!

The next step was mounting the boards to the wall! The smaller boards could have easily been a one person job, but it was nice to have an extra set of hands on the right-hand wall with the longer boards. One person to tightly hold together the plank and the spacer and the other to check the level and secure the plank to the wall.

We applied Loctite to the back of each plank and then secured to the wall using a nail gun. The only variation from the pattern was the rounded cutout where the wall sconce will be mounted. Wondering how I’m going to make that a working light with no electrical? I’ll be sharing my light hack next week!

The Next Steps

I am SO happy with how this accent wall is coming along! Next week I’ll be caulking and painting and then hanging the wall sconce. I also have some diy art and decor projects for the room lined up in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  1. looks so sharp!! simple application but so effective! Love your wall sconce too. Looking forward to seeing how your room turns out in a few weeks!

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