Spring 2020 One Room Challenge : Week 7

By Kylee Niederhauser

If you’re new around here, welcome! I’m Kylee and I am an interior styler and property manager specializing in vacation rental properties. I’m most often working on other people’s homes, but during the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge I’ll be making over a room in my own home in Mission Beach (San Diego), CA! Follow along as I transform my three-year-old son’s bedroom over the next few weeks and stay tuned for the final reveal on July 5th!

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Holy moly, guys. Week SEVEN? Where have the past (almost) two months gone? To be honest, when I first started this project I was a bit nervous about the timeline. Not that I wouldn’t be able to finish in time, but that I wouldn’t have enough work to spread out over 8 weeks. I was very wrong!

The One Room Challenge team actually gave all of us an extra week to finalize details and prepare our final reveals, which I gladly welcomed! So instead of June 25th, I plan to reveal this room (in ALL it’s glory!) to you on July 5th. Get excited, my friends!

Mission: Hide the WiFi

I pushed this project off as long as I possibly could because (1) I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to solve the problem and (2) even after I came up with a possible solution, I wasn’t sure if it would really hide the eyesore that is ALLLL of the internet cables and router. This is what we’re dealing with…

Pretty bad, huh? Before you ask.. yes, it has to live in this room because our house wasn’t pre-wired for anything and this was the only place we could bring fiber optic into the house. No, it can’t be on the floor or hidden behind the bed because the router needs to broadcast up to our Airbnb as well. So, here it sits. And also, no, we can’t run the wiring through the wall here because our shower head is on the other side and there’s a lot of piping inside of that wall.

I wanted to come up with a way to hide the wiring and somehow camouflage the router. As far as routers go it’s not bad looking, but the prettier the rest of the room gets, the more it sticks out to me.

Step 1: We de-tangled and organized the cords leading up to the router, and then covered them with conduit.

Step 2: Where the conduit ends and the cords bend into the router, I wrapped the bundle with white electrical tape.

Step 3: Once everything was white and (somewhat) blended in with the wall, I strategically hung a planter basket from the ceiling so it’s a bit more out of sight.

If that all sounds a little sloppy and thrown together, it’s because it is. But it works! So now I’m curious.. what would you have done in this situation? Any creative ideas to camouflage the router besides hanging a plant in front of it?

What’s Up Next Week

Last week I told you all about my rookie painting mistake and how I didn’t use the “clean lines” paint trick. This is a great tutorial on the trick if you aren’t familiar. Now I have to go back and do a LOT of touching up where the paint bled underneath my taping. That’s on the schedule for next week because the rest of the time from now until the big reveal is all about the DETAILS!

That’s IT! Follow along on Instagram @therockawayhouse and check back here on July 5th for the final reveal!