Stop Doing This – YouTube E003

By Kylee Niederhauser

Don’t Make These Airbnb Setup Mistakes

Steven and I have set up our fair share of rental properties over the years and it’s like half-science, half-art. On one side you’ve got your budget and logistics and business plan and then you’ve got the creative side with interior design choices and generally creating a vibe for your property.

The key to a good setup is finding the balance between those two sides, and unfortunately a lot of new hosts get either way too caught up with creating the “vibe” and overlook some important, basic necessities or they get way too caught up on the budget (aka they “penny pinch”) and buy cheap.

In this week’s video, we’ve taken the issues we’ve seen at struggling vacation rental properties and combined them with our own strategies to create a list of 10 common mistakes that we’ve seen hosts make when setting up their short term rentals. And, if you stick through to the end, we’ll also be sharing our number one tip for making sure that your property is set up for success. It’s probably not what you think!

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