Our Essential STR Supplies List

By Kylee Niederhauser

Does stocking your short-term rental with guest supplies seem like a mystery to you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the different options and price points and aren’t sure what to provide for a 5-star guest experience that doesn’t totally break the bank?

And what about coffee? How could you possibly please everyone’s tastes and preferences?

(short answer: you can’t)

Stress no more, friend. You’re in good hands.

Below you’ll find the exact list that we use when stocking our properties.

We’ve linked all of the products that we’ve tried and tested ourselves from various vendors but feel free to shop around for the best prices in your region. #inflationproblems

Kitchen Items

Paper towels – Costco, Amazon, Target

Trash bags – Costco, Amazon

Sponges – Costco

Hand soap – Amazon (dispenser)

Dish soap – Amazon (dispenser)

Dishwasher tabs – Costco, Amazon

Rinse Aid – Amazon

Spices – basic selection

Oil – Costco, in this dispenser

Coffee (K-cups for Keurig) – Costco, Amazon

Creamer singles – Amazon, Smart & Final

Sugar packers – Amazon

Welcome Basket

Don’t forget to pay attention to expiration dates and consider your calendar/occupancy before buying in bulk.

Chips – Costco, Amazon

Popcorn – Costco, Amazon

Granola bars – Costco, Amazon

Jerky/beef sticks – Costco, Amazon

Instant oatmeal – Costco, Amazon

Trail mix – Costco, Amazon

Cookies – Costco, Amazon

Kids crackers – Costco, Amazon

Kids pouches – Costco, Amazon

Kids juice boxes – Costco, Amazon


Toilet paper – Costco, Amazon, Target

Hand soap – Amazon (dispenser)

Small trash bags – Costco, Amazon

Shampoo – Public Goods

Conditioner – Public Goods

Body Wash – Public Goods, Amazon

Refillable bottles – Amazon

Bottle labels – Etsy, or we make our own

Extra bottle tops – Amazon (might need to trim tube length)

** A quick note about Public Goods: we recently signed up for a GPO (group purchasing organization) which uses collective buying power to get discounts from major brands like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Rugs USA and Williams Sonoma. At the time of writing this post, members receive 25% off of Public Goods wholesale bundles. If you’d like more info click here.


Free & Clear Laundry Detergent – Costco, Amazon, Target

Free & Clear Fabric Softener – Amazon, Target

Bleach (for cleaning team only, don’t use with septic) – Amazon, Target

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  1. Great list – very helpful! Could you share the type of quilts you buy for your bedding?

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