Get the Look – Violet Sands Living Room

By Kylee Niederhauser

Warm and welcoming with wall-to-wall texture, the living room at Violet Sands is my current room crush. While the footprint is small, we managed to create a space for up to 7 adults to comfortably gather and relax.

Full disclosure, I was pretty nervous about the Amazon sofa and loveseat – I usually like to “test sit” my couch purchases before buying – but we’re very pleased with them! They’re comfortable and deep-seated, the kind you can curl up in.. my favorite!

The coffee table is beautiful but probably not the best for families with small children as the corners are a bit sharp.. or are my kids the only ones who turn the living room into some sort of gymnastics/parkour space? Anyway, we added bumpers for safety since it is marketed as a family-friendly property.

My favorite piece is probably the oversized wall hanging. Talk about an understated statement! (Is that a real thing?) Not gonna lie, I have 2 more of these sitting in my cart. I don’t know where I’m going to put them yet, probably in the abyss of my garage until the perfect future project comes along. I just know I’ll kick myself if they sell out. Hold on 1 sec while I complete that check out…

Nash’s (and probably Steven’s) favorite piece is most definitely the foosball table. We wanted something full-sized and sturdy – because durability is the name of the game with vacation rental furnishings. We bought this one at Costco and there are some cheaper options out there but you really can’t beat Costco’s return policy (if you know, you know) so we were happy to find it on sale in-store.

The biggest challenge in this space (besides the length restrictions for the sofa) was the lighting. With three spots for pendant lights plus two wall sconces, we needed options that had character, weren’t too matchy-matchy but didn’t also didn’t compete with each other. I think we nailed it. [pats self on back]

Want to see (and enjoy!) this room in person? Click here to book a stay at Violet Sands in Indio, CA.

Until then, you can use the photos below to shop this room and recreate the look in your own home.

Happy styling!

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