Weekly Recap + 5 Things I’m Loving

By Kylee Niederhauser

Rockaway North in Mission Beach

Here’s what’s been happening this week:

At The Properties


  • Rockaway North got a “refresh” and is looking better than ever!
  • Watching some of the pro golfers we we hosted this week play in the Amex Tournament in La Quinta
  • Meeting some of our guests in Mission Beach. Back when we lived in Rockaway South, I would run into guests all the time and get to chat/get to know them a little bit. Now that we’ve moved I rarely get the opportunity to meet a guest in person. I’d missed that!


  • We had a few maintenance issues come up while we were in San Diego (leaking dishwasher, etc.). But, actually, it was good that it happened while we were there and not while a guest was there!

What we hit “publish” on:

Favorite review of the week:

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At Home

Steven and I spent the first few days of the week in San Diego. I wish I could say it was for a relaxing, kid-free getaway and while it was kid-free it wasn’t exactly relaxing. We had a list of maintenance and refresh items to take care of both at Rockaway North and Makai South and our 2 days were spent re-grouting a shower, resurfacing a bathtub, kitchen inventories/restocking, touch up painting, trips to Costco and Ikea and Target and more. But it was a really productive trip and we even got to sneak in a dinner out with some good friends.

This weekend we focused on getting our office organized. We have had all of our office “stuff” boxed up and grab from it when needed but it was time for a more permanent solution – were installing our old IKEA PAX wardrobe and will be making it look “built-in”.

A bit of back story – when we lived in Rockaway South, we had the PAX wardrobe in our bedroom as a closet and we took it with us when we moved (it was realllly tight with the closet system and most of our guests are there for just a few days so we opted for a hanging clothes rack there instead).

Since we won’t be using the clothes hanging bars in the PAX we will need to pick up a few shelves (should have thought ahead when we were in San Diego this week 🙁 but we’ll be back there soon enough).

My favorite part is that we planned ahead during our renovations and put an outlet on the inside wall so that our printer and Cricut can live inside the closet.

To make the closet look built-in, we’ll be adding drywall to the top and sides and on the right side we’ll make a built-in bookshelf. I think it will look really nice when it’s all finished!

Here are 5 things I’ve been loving this week:

1. Growing Veggies with Nash

We bought Nash a few different activity kits from KiWiCo and the Window Garden kit has been a hit for the whole family. Now that they’re ready to transplant we found ourselves wondering where we were going to put them, which leads me to my next favorite thing!

2. This Self-Watering Garden Bed

KiwiCo may have us overly confident in our gardening skills, but we’re hopeful that this self-watering garden bed we picked up at Costco this week will help fill in where our green thumb is lacking. (Note: it was $30 cheaper in-store at our local Costco). We picked up a variety of vegetable seeds and started them in plastic cups yesterday (with little rocks from the yard at the bottom for drainage – see, we’re learning!). This could be the start of our own little home-garden or a complete flop. TBD.

3. This Japanese BBQ Sauce

It’s so good. We’ll be putting it all over our home-grown veggies in a couple of months! 😉 We have both the original and the spicy. Do yourself a favor and just order the two pack.

4. My Label Maker

Confession – my label maker lives in my car (you know you’re an Airbnb host when…). So I quite literally take it everywhere, but it saw even more use than ever this week between reorganizing the kitchens at Rockaway North and Makai South and labeling all of those little seedling cups! I got this case this week, too, so I’ll always have spare tape handy.

Other favorite items shown in the photo above:


K-cup storage

Creamer storage

The best (“last forever”) tumblers

Stackable glasses

5. These New Faux Plants at Rockaway North

We typically use faux plants at all of our rental properties but Rockaway North always had a few real ones because we lived downstairs and I was able to tend to them myself. Since we moved away the plants have started to look a little sad so we brought them home and replaced them with faux. Hobby Lobby and World Market (in particular this one and this one and this one) are usually my go-to’s for faux plants but I found some great ones at Target this week – some as low as $5!

1 – Faux Palm in Pot

2 – Faux Dracaena Plant

3 – Green Leaf in Basket

4 – Artificial Leaf Arrangement

5 – Trailing Plant

Happy Sunday, friends! Hope you have a great week and don’t forget to check out this post. 🙂

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