Our STR Smart Home Checklist

By Kylee Niederhauser

Does optimizing your short-term rental seem like a mystery to you? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the different smart home devices on the market and worried about staying within your budget? 

Stress no more, friend. You’re in good hands.

Below is our list of must-have smart home devices to optimize your short-term rental.

Years of trial-and-error with different products led us to this list, so we hope you find it helpful!


Budget Option 1 (our pick)

Budget Option 2

Splurge Option 1

Splurge Option 2

Splurge Option 3 – Costco usually has a Ring cam multipack


Door Lock

Smart Garage

Just get this one. The ability to open and close the garage door remotely, plus assign and change garage codes remotely is priceless!

Noise Monitor

Wifi Router

Roku TV

Smart Lighting

Pool Equipment

Check with your pool person to make sure this is compatible. Additional equipment may be required. Click Here

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